Collaboration in Cloud-Based Simulation Applications through AweSim

Modeling and simulation available for small and medium size enterprises

Published Tuesday, December 08, 2015

CINCINNATI, Ohio – Kinetic Vision has been on the cutting edge of building and implementing modeling and simulation technologies since 1988. They are passionate about leveraging this domain expertise to broaden the user base of technologies that will benefit the product development processes for companies of all sizes. In pursuit of this goal, Kinetic Vision has partnered with the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) and five other high-tech companies in a public-private partnership known as AweSim.  By leveraging the knowledge and experience of the AweSim collaborators, they have reduced the barriers of entry for modeling and simulation with high-performance computing (HPC) resources. This breakthrough is aimed to benefit small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) by increasing their competitiveness in the market.

Many SMEs are not utilizing a simulation-driven design process due to multiple factors, including the initial time and capital investments required to set up an internal HPC and data storage system, along with the continued investment in maintaining such an infrastructure. The investment in infrastructure is eliminated, significantly reducing the ongoing costs through the use of AweSim and their HPC offerings through OSC. Software is another major cost, as many SMEs cannot afford to license or hire staff with the necessary experience. The AweSim team has worked with a wide range of software vendors in order to provide shorter term licenses and provide knowledgeable software support at an affordable cost. By eliminating these barriers to entry, the AweSim team hopes to increase the use of simulation-driven design technologies. 

Kinetic Vision, in collaboration with Comet Solutions, has recently launched a cloud-based simulation application as one of many AweSim projects. This application is accessed through a web browser for a simple interface where the user is able to define and submit their simulations. Once submitted, these simulations utilize the HPC and software licensing resources provided by OSC through AweSim. The user is able to view their results within hours through the same web user interface. This simulation application is just one example of how Kinetic Vision is working to expand the usage of modeling and simulation technologies.

To read more about Kinetic Vision’s involvement with AweSim and the launch of this cloud-based simulation application, see the following two press releases: “New Cloud-Based Simulation Applications Changing the Game for Manufacturing” by TenLinks and “Comet Announces Cloud-based SimApps Available“ by MCADCafe. For more information about AweSim, please visit

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